Filecoin for All

DARMA offers eligible Storage Providers the use of Filecoin to store client data and grow the Filecoin Ecosystem

Access Filecoin with DARMA’s
Filecoin Asset Use System

Filecoin Asset Use System (FAUS) allows Storage Providers (SP) to use Filecoin to facilitate the onboarding of valuable client data to the Filecoin Network and earn Network Rewards.

DARMA Capital is an investment firm registered with the CFTC as a CPO, CTA and swap firm focusing on the blockchain asset class.

Grow your Storage Provider operations with FAUS.

Foster Ecosystem Growth via Data Onboarding

The FAUS structure is designed to ensure FIL can only be used as collateral to onboard client deals onto the network, not for shorting on the open market.

Grow Your Operations and Earn Filecoin Network Rewards

Access FIL to scale your operations without the need to purchase FIL on the open market.

Best Product Offer on the Market

Lowest initial credit support requirement and globally diversified reach.

Access to Filecoin Allocations

FAUS allows Qualified Storage Providers to secure an allocation of FIL delivered on a weekly schedule customized to their specific needs.

Utilize Excess Storage Capacity

SPs can leverage the use of additional FIL via FAUS to utilize their data center’s excess storage capacity and maximize their rewards potential.

Getting up and running with FAUS is simple:

Step 1

Due Diligence and

Step 2

FAUS Agreement
Negotiated &

Step 3

SP Onboarded to DARMA Platform and Technical Setup Completed

Step 4

Weekly Statements
Provided to Maintain

Go Live

Credit Support Posted and FIL Delivered Weekly

Access Filecoin Asset Use System